anchors and arrows…

If I ever re-named our family blog (since we’re not a ‘party of 2’ anymore!) it would be called “anchors and” When I was pregnant with Beau I was obsessed with arrows and the adventure theme. With Walker I was drawn to anchors and a nautical theme. I love how both of their rooms turned out!

Anchors… Walker’s nursery

We kept the nursery furniture from when Beau was a baby so all there was to do was redecorate! We chose navy blues, grey, and dark stained wood to go with our nautical theme. The crib is mine from when I was a baby that my brother’s and I all slept in so I knew I wanted all of my babies to sleep in it too! At four months old, he is still sleeping in a bassinet in our room but we enjoy his room for tummy time, reading books, and lots of diaper changes.

Darren built the frame around the changing pad when Beau was a baby and he also built the bookshelf/toy storage combo unit.

Arrows… Beau’s big boy room

I was very nervous about moving Beau out of his crib and into a new room. One, just because that’s a big step and two, we didn’t want him to feel pushed out of his room by the new baby. He moved into his new room when I was very early pregnant and he did awesome with the transition! He even wanted to show off his new room to everyone that came to our house! We bought him a new dresser, night stand, toy shelf and we already had a full size bed from when this room was a guest room. We lowered the bed to the floor and put rails on it for him. It’s very nice to have a big bed when we’re laying with him every night! The headboard of his bed is an old door that we found at Homewood Antiques and bolted to the wall.

Beau’s baby quilt was made by one of my good friends so I wanted to highlight it in his room. I found this awesome wood quilt hanger and love how it turned out. Beau took his monthly baby photos on his quilt and I love the way it looks like art hung in his room! Walker’s baby quilt is made by the same talented friend and is hanging over the rocking chair in his room. He also takes his monthly photos on his quilt! I love a good tradition!

My favorite part of each boys room is their gallery wall. I love how Beau’s has grown and transformed over the years and I love how Walker’s turned out (and can’t wait to see what we get to add to his)! Joking with Darren I asked him if he thought there was a job where I could just design gallery walls all day!


The kitchen…

I haven’t done very well with our family blog lately so here’s a little house update:

Darren bought me this kitchen island for my birthday in 2018. We knew that it needed a new top and a little extra work. What we didn’t know is that it would take us 2 years to complete.

In the meantime, I got pregnant again and couldn’t help with any of the painting or staining. So Darren did it all himself. Repainting all the drawers, putting on new trim, staining and sanding the top… it was a big project!

The top is actually 3 pieces of butcher block wood glued together and it looks wonderful.

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER

Now I want to refinish our table to match… More work!

Next I’ll work on posting pictures of Walker’s nursery and Beau’s big boy room!

Lots of love,

One wild year… 

Our little man turned ONE in February! He is a walking, talking, tornado of a toddler and we wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! His is our heart and makes life more fun. Being his parents is the most amazing blessing!

Beau’s a WILD ONE! Cake smash.

Beau’s a WILD ONE! First birthday bash.


Love, Lindsey & Darren


Lindsey & Darren, Married

Our wedding is on the Heather Durham Photography blog!

Lindsey and I have known each other for years through teaching fitness classes at the YMCA in Birmingham. We’re kindred spirits in that way, so I was thrilled when she asked me to capture her wedding day with my camera. I had already spent some time with she and Darren at their Engagement Session on an extremely hot and humid Alabama day, so we were thrilled with the beautiful and mild fall weather we were blessed with on their wedding day at Matthews Manor.

Lindsey and Darren adore each other and it was evident all day in how they looked at each other. They also adore their fur babies, two beautiful chocolate labs named Emma and Bailey, who they brought along for the engagement session and also wanted included in their wedding day. Yes! After all, beloved pets are family too!

I had such a fun day with Lindsey, Darren, their sweet family and friends. It’s days like this I’m…

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family! We have decided to keep our blog as a family blog to keep you updated on all of the exciting things in our lives! We are excited to keep a virtual scrapbook of all of our adventures as “The Dachelets”!!!


Bailey and Emma… Christmas 2013

Much happiness and joy for you and yours this holiday season!


Love, Lindsey & Darren